“Crimson Burst”

Dracula orchid tropical rainforest andean andes peru ecuador equador rare cloudforest exotic flower flowers red dracula

Dracula/Masdevallia orchid (Orchidaceae epidendroideae)

A family of terrestrial orchids ranging through south and central America, from Mexico to Peru. As if not sufficiently captivating at a glance, this particularly rare specimen hails from the shrouded cloudforests of the high Andes, making it equally mysterious for the intense difficulty of cultivation outside of its cool native environment.

Dripping in spiked crimson, the “Dracula” name seems particularly appropriate but what has always intrigued me is its ability to evoke emotion and thought through such basic color and simple form. Sacrificing the traditional, showy complexity of most well-known orchid species, this fused beauty relies on little more than subtle curves and dramatic sophistication to entice and captivate.


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