“Far From the Limelight”

Lone solitary saxophonist musician playing in dark tunnel illuminated from the side

Central Park, September 2010. New York City, NY

I came across the opposite entrance to this tunnel, as I had a thousand times before…but New York always has a way of making the same old things new again. I gently laid down my camera bag, stepped aside for any passers-by before taking a knee just off the gravelly path…and waited.

The mournful, wailing acoustics were so accidentally phenomenal, and his immersion in the moment so deep, that it took several minutes to earn so much as an appreciative nod of acknowledgment before he resumed his positioning toward the sun and made the most of his captive one-man audience. Random notes suddenly fell into line in an orderly musical procession, and I was fascinated by the scene until the music died and the last reverberation escaped the tunneled enclosure.


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