“Blue Mist”

A fog of blue mist rolls over the Great Lake in New York's Central Park, backlighting the Angel of Bethesda

Bethesda Terrace, September 2010. New York City, NY

My last evening stroll through Central Park before a painfully long journey away. On a cross from the Upper West Side back East, I made it a point to walk the 72nd Street Transverse – and to spend a few final solemn minutes with one of my favorite spots in the city. Seemingly aware of the personal magnitude of this particular visit, the park went to extra effort on this night, as a thick fog rolled into my shot…backlit by the distant lights of the Boathouse on the far bank.

Built in 1864 to symbolize the center of the park, at the center of the city…at the center of the world…this terrace seldom enjoys a moment to itself…a moment not teeming with tourists and locals alike. And perhaps that is exactly what makes this captured moment so mystical to me. So rarely, even on one’s most deserving day, does Manhattan just step back and give you such a moment to absorb at your leisure…


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