Since the world’s first photograph was snapped (over the course of an eight hour exposure) in 1826, stopping a moment in time has become as easy as the uncapping of a lens or the click of a button. Over the decades, the simple camera obscura has given way to digitized technology, hi-tech sensors have long-since replaced pewter plates, and lightning-fast exposures are measured in fractions of a second rather than days. However, the ability to capture that fragment of time and keep it alive in a timeless and perfect world that exists entirely within the boundaries of a single frame – that remains a rarity to this day.

Still, this is the single goal reflected within these galleries and the challenge embraced with every snap of the shutter, reflecting the stubborn perfectionism and passion for detail of the eye behind the lens. The fleeting moments displayed within these pages showcase several years of this tireless pursuit of a hobby-turned-obsession. It is my sincere hope, as you wander through these images, that one or two will draw you in and immerse you like each has enveloped me. Whether it be the quiet serenity of a scene captured on the streets of the world’s most restless city or the subtle, captivating expression on a face that feels more and more familiar, feel free to roam until you find the image that reaches out to you.



St. Patrick's Cathedral and Atlas statue art deco manhattan NYC new york city church midtown east

NYC: The Apple “Through” My Eye

Crimson orchid dracula masdevallia rainforest cloudforest south america andes andean rare exotic

Through the Greenhouse Glass

Old man on park bench with pigeon and distant, aloof look New York City NYC Manhattan Riverside Drive Parkway

I Shoot People


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